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[audio]DTRASH178 - SCHIZOID vs HYPERDRIVER - The Hyperdriven Extremes - Schizoid
The next cipher of SCHIZOID “The Next Extreme” era is unveiled. Not for squeamish ears, by any means. All 16 tracks front to back remixed by UK noise/breaks artist HYPERDRIVER. His albums on D-TRASH and remixes of the roster have long provided a unique brand of excess to the table, a deftly rhythmic noiserama to burst open ears and destroy the mind. This Hyperdriven take on “The Next Extreme” will please fans of HYPERDRIVER, SCHIZOID and extreme digital musick…
Keywords: d-trash; schizoid
Downloads: 231
[audio]DTRASH144 - Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra - The Gloomy Side Of Noisewall - Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra
"The Gloomy Side Of Noisewall" is the third link in the chain of musical experiments of Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra project. Seven new tracks and one remastered demo track range from massive dubstep-influenced break beat, over hard glitchy IDM, to cold and dark ambient sounds. As the album name suggests, the music shows a new side of the E.N.O. project, spreading dark and depressive atmosphere. "To make a soundtrack for a horror movie" was the main concept and the goal of the project's author Ch...
Keywords: d-trash; eraplee; eraplee noisewall orchestra; guitar; breaks; acid bass; melody; harsh; lo-fi; trash
Downloads: 738 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]DTRASH159 - THE FIRST SEED - We Are The Only Ones - The First Seed
Individuality is an illusion. We're all willing minions to the corruption subtly veiled in deceit as the elite lead the masses using greed and consumerism to perpetuate the illusion of freedom while we succumb to their riches' shackles. "We Are The Only Ones" is an exploration of 21rst century frustration with all encompassing conformity, failing governments and monetary systems as general complacency continues to allow our lives to be dictated by the almighty dollar...
Keywords: dtrash; d-trash; the first seed; toronto; digital hardcore; breakcore; breakstep; darkstep
Downloads: 531
[audio]DTRASH151 - Terror, Rage & Liberty - Junkie Kut
Pissed off gabber vocal-core for the future dark ages! Dark industrial synth gives way to the dramatic cyberpunk cries of political extremia! JUNKIE KUT is welcomed to the D-TRASH roster with this excoriating debut that will blastbeat your face apart.
Keywords: d-trash; splatterkore; junkie kut; UK; breakcore; gabber; speedcore; digital hardcore; digital punk
Downloads: 1,118
[audio]DTRASH131 - Iyov - Allt Är Skit, Jämt - Iyov
In English, it means "Everything is fucking awful" - After releasing his first EP, IYOV (aka longtime D-TRASHer BABYLON DISCO) teams up with a number of other musicians to bring you this debut album. This mix of digital hardcore, metal and oldschool hardcore punk delivers quite a punch to the throat.
Keywords: babylon disco; hardcore; d-trash; julie d:stroy; grindcore; e-grind; brutal truth; discharge; atari teenage riot; schizoid; digital hardcore; metal; guitars; black metal; distortion; breakcore
Downloads: 1,950
[audio]DTRASH141 - Jul!e D:stroy - Lipgloss N' Chaos!!! - Jul!e D:stroy
No stranger to all things trashy, our friend JUL!E D:STROY now releases for the new year "Lipgloss N' Chaos". You may remember her from her recent appearance on the IYOV disc, and on this 9 song EP she rocks an instant-win with this bitchy and brash sugar-high of noisy digital hardcore.
Keywords: d-trash; dtrash; dhr; digital hardcore; julie d:stroy; jul!e d:stroy; riot grrrl; riot grrl; punk; pop; heathers; breakcore; rhythmic noise
Downloads: 5,813
[audio]DTRASH142 - Severed Digit Recordings: D-Trash Underground Vol. 2 - Severed Digit Recordings
SeveredDigit is a Vancouver based record label releasing both digital and hard copy audio featuring breakcore, idm, dubstep, and noise artists from all over the globe. This double disc contains a then and now collection of songs from SeveredDigit recording artists. Disc one containing new material and disc two featuring a selection of songs from the SeveredDigit catalogue. Find more at www.severeddigit.ca.
Keywords: d-trash; severed digit recordings; severeddigitrecordings; breakcore; idm; noise; dubstep; hardcore; dub
Downloads: 944
[audio]DTRASH176 - Nwodtlem - It Didn't Happen... - Nwodtlem
NWODTLEM returns with this 5-track DVD, released on the eve of the infamous Videodrome 2013 event. His last D-TRASH release has to date been one of the label's most downloaded releases. Now we get 3 new compositions, a remix of NWODTLEM by LAF-O, and a great mashup of his material for a live show. This dazzling blender full of unique video mashups jerks you into a jolting AV sensory overload. Burn the disc image to a DVD and enjoy! Download the 5 video files below or download this ISO/DVD image ...
Keywords: nwodtlem; d-trash; breakcore; toronto; jawa; mashup; video; digital hardcore; speedcore; videodrome; dropframe; breakcore
Downloads: 153
[audio]DTRASH171 - RUBBER MUFFIN - Duckcore - Rubber Muffin
Cracked up Canuck RUBBER MUFFIN has already given us some great material in his DTRASH135 split with MEAT PARADE. He could have wasted away playing video games, but instead is compelled to create splatterbreakcore blitzing the dancefloor with tripped out sampling and gabber kicks, bringing good cheer.
Keywords: dnb; hardcore; digital hardcore; breakcore; splattercore; d-trash; rubber muffin; rancorous; broken Beat; dubstep; noise; experimental
Downloads: 6,716
[audio]DTRASH166 - NEEDLE FACTORY - Jubilee - Needle Factory
Taking cues from Digital Hardcore but never looking back, Needle Factory injects you with 6 shots of adrenalin pumping industrial affected noise. This summer its time to wake up and smell the end-times. Its time to shake out the dust from you ears and activate your central nervous system. Have you got a bunker to hide in or a battle ship to ride in? Lets go to the Jubilee.
Keywords: d-trash; needle factory; dtrash; industrial; breakcore; digital hardcore; electro; industrial metal; alternative
Downloads: 505
[audio]DTRASH72 - Schizoid - Trashed - Schizoid
SCHIZOID releases this compilation of remixes from artists like AMBASSADOR 21, RED HARVEST, MORTIIS, CELEBRITY DEAD, LEECHWOMAN, CPUWAR and others recorded for various underground CD compilations now out of print - A variety of styles are represented these reinterpretations which touch on digital hardcore, metal, industrial and breakcore flavours.
Keywords: dtrash; schizoid; digital hardcore; breakcore; industrial; hardcore; remixes; gabber; acid; underground; metal; extreme; d-trash
Downloads: 2,819
[audio]DTRASH143 - Not Half - C-Division - Not Half
Another batch of stupidity from Winnipeg's not half. Inspired by a fatuous review, he embraced the asinine comments and ran with them. "C-Division" isn't thinking outside the box, it's turning the box upside-down and hitting it to make drum sounds. Itâs for all those of us who refuse to make tidy music fitting into pre-packaged boxes, for those who refuse to sound like everyone else. It is mixing laptops with ghetto blasters, synths with tapeloops, toys with instruments...
Keywords: d-trash; dimetrodon; idm; breakcore; noise; electronic; low-fi; experimentation; fanny; synth; tapeloops; art; Venetian Snares
Downloads: 601
[audio]DTRASH162 - DISTUNDRUM - On The Wave Of Revolution - Distündrum
This terroristic troupe of digital hardcore metal junkies spin out a frantic 20+ minute grind assault taking on the world, with frenetic breakcore/jungle beats, but also a live guitar and bassist. D'is one is punk as fuck and would be perfect music to spraypaint banks and police cars to.
Keywords: Distündrum; digital hardcore; d-trash; russia; dtrash; breakpunk; distonn; industrial punk; punk; hardcore; cyberpunk; breakcore
Downloads: 413 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]DTRASH183 - DK DANCE - La France Qui Tache - DK Dance
Shoves turn to punches when DK DANCE release their 4th for D-TRASH. The band are in top form, churning out black metal riff-driven industrial punk, consistent with all their previous material - But don't let that consistency put you at ease... DK DANCE become more lethal and explosive with every song, let alone this brand new full length. Enjoy... but don't say we didn't warn you.
Keywords: electronic; black metal; breakcore; cyberpunk; d-trash; digital hardcore; digital punk; dk dance; e-grind; france; industrial; speedcore; toronto; digital hardcore; france; d-trash; speedcore; industrial; digital punk; black metal; speedcore
Downloads: 219
[audio]DTRASH174 - Laf-O - Lost And Fuct-Over - Laf-O
Focused on the final year of his life in Toronto, 'LOST AND FUCT-OVER' is an album in which each track is a seperate chapter, each describing events or people who were their inspiration.  Dark and gloomy like the dank basement the pieces were first written in, heavy and memorable like the events described within, LAF-O's new album while rooted in hard/breakcore is a diverse journey in which influences of Tekno, Dub, Industrial and Tribe are just additional colours to paint his story on the canv...
Keywords: laf-o; lafo; d-trash; breakcore; broken beat; hardcore techno; gabber; glitch; dnb; drum n bass; dub; montreal; canada
Downloads: 458
[audio]DTRASH76 - Avorza - Vindication EP - Avorza
New York City’s AVORZA, in an apparent effort to alienate all listeners of any previously established music genre releases Vindication; a subversive blur of odd meter riffing, samples, blips and screams guaranteed to induce cerebral regurgitation.
Keywords: dtrash; avorza; d-trash; metal; industrial metal; industrial grindcore; industrial death metal; death metal; metal; electronic; noise
Downloads: 1,284
[audio]DTRASH173 - Kazer - Bacon & Noise - Kazer
Spanish teen KAZER joins D-TRASH with his first release where he combines many extreme electronic genres, including industrial, hardcore techno, splittercore, speedcore and chiptune. "Bacon & Noise" showcases a varied EP of these sounds where distortion, noise, high BPMs and experimental samples are the main elements.
Keywords: kazer; d-trash; electronic; chiptune; dnb; hardcore; hardcore techno; industrial; industrial hardcore; noise; powernoise; rhythmic noise; speedcore; Spain; digital hardcore; rhythmic noise
Downloads: 291
[audio]DTRASH177 - HIMIKO - DethNoizzz - Himiko
HIMIKO has been a great addition to the recent years' D-TRASH Records releases - Where her last album "Fuck Off" was a splatterspeedbreaks mashup of classic American thrash-metal tunes, this goes straight into your chest for your heart, de-reconstructing underground goregrind and death metal into new digital hardcore pieces. An EP of shrieks and beats over low tuned doom hammering.
Keywords: himiko; d-trash; death metal; digital hardcore; gore; grind; goregrind; breakcore; speedcore; japan; canada; doom; crust; breakcore; digital hardcore; death metal
Downloads: 344
[audio]DTECH10 - Schizoid - The Next Extreme - Schizoid
Finally. Head of Canadian cult-label D-TRASH Records, SCHIZOID returns with his 3rd full length of original material, a vicious album of blackened industrial noise metal. 16 songs, an hour long of decimating digital punk musick acts as the catalyst for riots, self-destruction, and achieving the next extremes of the updated SCHIZOID sound. Firmly rooted in digital hardcore/breakcore origins, yet driven by intense black/grind metal guitars & choruses of lunatic shrieks, sounding somewhere not unli...
Keywords: schizoid; dtrash; d-trash; digital hardcore; breakcore; industrial; industrial metal; black metal; punk; the berzerker; atari teenage riot; agoraphobic nosebleed; noise; pitchshifter
Downloads: 326
[audio]DTRASH184 - Hansel - Crude Matters - Hansel
Continuing to evade musical expectations, Alan Fux returns from Oompah-Loompah Land for this 2014 HANSEL release of alternative/digital hardcore?/industrial music.  "We Refuse To Exist", "Throw It Away", "Seek" have that definitive HANSEL sound, with thick beats, orchestral glitch samples and emotionally charged (sometimes enraged) vocals.  Throwing you for a loop between these obvious 'hits' are some of the projects' most experimental ventures into creepy dark electronic instrumentals which s...
Keywords: hansel; d-trash; atari teenage riot; digital hardcore; breakcore; alternative; experimental; industrial rock; hansel; glitch hop; synthpop; Mindless Self Indulgence; IDM; alternative rock
Downloads: 172
[audio]DTRASH175 - Schizoid - The Remixed Extremes - Schizoid
The monolithic 2012 SCHIZOID release "The Next Extreme" is given the absolutely full remix treatment, with this definitive companion album. SCHIZ enlists on friends and comrades EVESTUS, DIRTY FINGERS LICKED, AMBASSADOR 21, NOT HALF, TUAREG GEEKS, NEEDLE FAC7ORY, ROBOT(A), THE FIRST SEED, HEARTWORM, HYPERDRIVER, KNAR, FFT ERROR, MIDI FISTER, DRUGZILLA & FAMINE. Also check the version at http://schizoid.bandcamp.com that comes with 4 exclusive bonus tracks.
Keywords: dtrash; schizoid; remix; digital hardcore; breakcore; d-trash; the next extreme; industrial; industrial black metal; gabber; digital punk; atari teenage riot; the berzerker; pitchshifter; rhythmic noise; schizoid; remix; digital hardcore; breakcore; d-trash; the next extreme; industrial; industrial black metal; digital punk; atari teenage riot; the berzerker; pitchshifter
Downloads: 325
[audio]DTRASH160 - SCHIZOID - The Next Extreme: The Remixes - SCHIZOID
The title track of SCHIZOID's 2012 return album "The Next Extreme". The song, released online 2011 with an amazing video by PETE O'HEARN, now gets remixed by the hardcore underground, with a 2012 release of the full album looming. No style is left unchecked here whether it's crusty grindgabber, club-a-dubstep, or industrial dance metal. To hear the original version visit D-TRASH on YouTube and watch "The Next Extreme" video...
Keywords: schizoid; d-trash; gabber; digital hardcore; breakcore; industrial metal; noise metal; breakcore metal; digital punk; remixes; the berzerker; atari teenage riot; speedcore; alec empire; remix; venetian snares; the shizit
Downloads: 913
[audio]DTRASH172 - SCHIZOID - The Epitaph EP - Schizoid
SCHIZOID deconstructs another chapter in THE NEXT EXTREME with this collection of remixes & more of the album's 2nd single/music video. Released on the trending 2012 "Day Of Apocalypse", this batch of musick will keep you company during the final hours. EPITAPH is steadfastly remixed by able producers SATTA DON DADA, SYNTHETIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS, TALIXZEN, NOT HALF, DEAD BY SILENCE, HEARTWORM, EVILMINDED, MYSTERYMACHINE...
Keywords: schizoid; d-trash; blackened speedcore; breakcore; digital hardcore; industrial metal; metal; noise; punk; Toronto; breakcore; cyberpunk; remixes; heartworm; mayan apocalypse; digital hardcore; atari teenage riot; rhythmic noise; the next extreme; industrial; revelations; end of the world
Downloads: 772
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